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“Normally it will take me a while to open up and trust people.  However, during my first session with Ms Janet Wee, I found myself discussing things with her comfortably as if I had known her long ago like a trusted friend.  She has a caring nature and is genuine in managing her clients, which makes all the difference.  Whenever I had any issues, she was always willing to spend as much time as required with me.  She would process my issues with me and explore alternatives with me during the counselling sessions.  


Ms Janet has built a high level of trust in me and so I could share my concerns with her openly.  With Ms Janet’s constructive help, I found the courage to work through the “dark corners” of my life which I had battled for many years on my own.  Finally, I managed to overcome my reservations and now, I can feel the richness of my life. Deep within, my confidence level has surged.   Thank you, Ms Janet for your guiding hand, advice and support to propel me in moving forward in life”!


“Personally, I would like to thank my ex-senior counsellor, Ms Janet Wee.  She never fails to encourage me and provide me with the necessary support since 2012 till now.  She does not give up on “us” (the ex-offenders) and she is always there for us when we needed her the most.  Ms Janet would constantly update me on new courses, programmes and text me to enquire on my well-being till today.  Although she had left Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA), she still keeps in touch with me. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to her.  Keep up with the great work you have done with all the ex-drug addicts."

Stan Silvester

“After our 6 months of Case Management Services (CMS) provided to all ex-drug addicts after their release, we are excused from attending the Support Group.  However, the rapport and bond built over the past 6 years was so strong and filled with a great level of trust that a group of us initiated a meeting with our ex-senior counsellor, Ms Janet.


That was how the ROOFS Support Group was founded in 2016.  We did not wish to ‘let go of the guiding hands’ during the formative days of our recovery journey because we could experience and sense the human touch by Ms Janet!  Acorn Quest helped us to develop and raised the bar for our individual potential/talent. They nurtured, developed and provided us with the platform to practise what we had learnt.



If you need a pair of listening ears and receive moral support, do come join the ROOFS Support Group. The ROOFS Support Group stands out among many other support groups out there because the spirit of camaraderie is strong among us.  There is genuine concern shown to us by Acorn Quest.  After attending the ROOFS Support Group, it has kept me grounded in my recovery journey.  My wife and family members could see the changes/transformation in me. Trust within the family was built again and my family members are fully supportive of me attending ROOFS Support Group”


“Through the ROOFS Support Group, I regained my confidence.  Now I am more confident to face and manage my challenges in life.  I am not alone because I know that Acorn Quest and the ROOFERS are journeying alongside with me.  As an ex-drug addict, my morale and esteem was low and I was afraid to speak to people. Now, my fear had vanished and my confidence had increased.  ROOFS Support group equipped me with life-skills (how to manage my life/my family issue, building rapport and strengthening my relationship with my children) and motivated me to be a better person.  


Ms Janet is more than a counsellor to my family and me.  She is our friend, sister and mentor.  My children respect Auntie Janet as she does not provide counselling for me only but for my family members too.  When my son got into some trouble, Ms Janet actually accompanied my spouse and me to meet my son’s teacher”.


“I personally benefit a lot from the ROOFS Support Group, especially the assistance rendered to me.  Through the counselling sessions, both my spouse and I are more aware of our differences.  We learnt to accept each other’s differences and manage those differences.  In the ROOFS Support Group, you can feel genuine love, care and concern.  The ROOFS Support Group empowered and developed us to take responsibility and to be accountable to those around us.  We will keep a look out for one another, share our burdens and journey alongside with one another just like one big family”.


“I came to know Ms Janet Wee after my release from DRC in mid-2011.  As my counsellor, she guided me through my issues, explored alternatives, gave me advice and motivated me as I journeyed through those rough patches of life.  I was selected to attend the Character Building, Project Kuruing (Tambling @ South Sumatra); Rehabilitation through nature with a group of ex-drug addicts.  Through the therapy, I managed to overcome my fears and the dark shadows of my life.  The project also nurtured me to be a good husband and father.  My relationship, trust and bonding with my family improved and continued to strengthen day after day.  I am thankful to and appreciative of Ms Janet Wee because she is always there for us when we needed her the most.  I am proud to have her as my counsellor and friend.  Project Kuruing and the therapy will forever be etched in my memory.  Thank you, Mr Lim (ex-Sana Executive Director), Mr Steven Tham (ex-SANA Asst Director) and ex-SANA Senior counsellor (Ms Janet Wee) for giving me this rare opportunity to be part of this Special Project!”  


I am thankful and appreciative to Ms Janet. She is always there for us when we needed her the most.  I am proud to have her as my counsellor and friend.  Project Kuruing will never be erased from my memory. The therapy will be etched forever.  Thank you to Mr Lim (ex-Sana Executive Director), Mr Steven Tham (ex-SANA Asst Director) and ex-SANA Senior counsellor (Ms Janet Wee) for giving me this rare opportunity to be part of this Special Project”!  

Mohd Asyraf

“After attending the ROOFS Support Group, my confidence level increased. I have learnt to be more street-smart and vocal.  I would definitely recommend other ex-offenders to join the ROOFS Support Group after their release, especially those without any programmes because most of them do not receive the positive support when they needed it!”


“My dedication to my ex-counsellor, Ms Janet Wee!  She is an amazing counsellor and she makes counselling easy for me to understand.  With low education, it is a challenge for me to comprehend English.  Ms Janet would customize her counselling sessions with me to be interesting and easy for me to understand by using things around me.  Her counselling session is not boring or mechanical.  Ms Janet would go the extra mile for me and her clients when we needed help.  She provides me with a listening ear, tries to understand me from my perspective instead of hers.  She is a kind and good counsellor. I am proud to have her as my counsellor for the last 6 years.”​


“At times, I feel the urge to go back to be with my old friends to take drugs but through the ROOFS Support Group members, they gave me a lot of motivation and encouragement to stay strong. They also gave me the opportunity to befriend like-minded friends, those who desire to change for the better!  In the ROOFS Support Group, we are like a big family!  If there is any issue, we would work out our differences and make an effort to forgive one another.  There is no barrier or difference between the counsellor and “us” (ex-drug addicts).


Through the Support Group and counselling session, they lent me a helping hand to guide me to manage my challenges like employment and family crisis. Acorn Quest wrote in to the authorities to seek assistance to enrol my kids at the nearby childcare.  The next working day, I was able to send my kids to childcare while I sorted out my employment and other matters.  As a single father, the journey was tough, mentally and emotionally but Acorn Quest and the ROOFS Support Group members took on the challenges with me.  Acorn Quest also brought out the potential in me and helped me to develop it.  Now I volunteer my time with Acorn Quest as a Facilitator and Buddy Mentor to new members. Whenever there is an opportunity, I would accept invitations to share my experiences of my recovery journey with the public. This is one of the ways for me to give back to society.”

Shakila Kresinin (Ex-colleague)

I have known Miss Janet Wee for almost 7 years now. She has a very cheerful disposition and I have seen her handle even the most stressful of situations with a smile on her face. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm and vivacious nature have always made a great difference to everybody around her. She takes pride in her work and caters to the well-being of her clients who are under her charge. She is an efficient team leader who handles her tasks with professionalism, treating all her team mates with equality. She is a trustworthy counsellor, a good listener and she provides good guidance to those who seek her advice.​

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