Our Mission

Empower people for lasting change in their lives, to become responsible individuals and exhibit pro-social behaviours.

Our Vision

Individuals to be responsible to self, family, society and contribute to community.

Our Work

Over the past 8 years, we had empowered many individuals, families, couples and ex-offenders in the community through our services.  We witnessed how these individuals can actually excel in their personal journey, thus establish a greater commitment towards their families and work places.  We also saw familial relationships re-built, couples reconciled and broken marriages mended. With the ex-offenders community, we saw how low self-esteem individuals with minimal education background now stand tall in society, and even share their recovery journey confidently on public platforms.


We specialise in assisting individuals who had fallen victim to drug addiction and offer support to all ex-offenders and their family members after prison release.  We collaborate with other community partners to train and integrate the ex-offenders back into society.  Thus far, we had  provided more than 810 man-hours of subsidised/pro bono counselling services to ex-offenders and low-income youths-at-risk.


Through our partnership and collaboration with individuals, business communities and the public, we assist our clients ranging from basic needs, to legal assistance, job emplacements and referrals etc.  We also partner with other professionals to empower, train and develop our clients.


Ms Janet is more than a counsellor to me and my family. She is my friend, sister and mentor to us.


With low education, it is a challenge for me to comprehend english. Ms Janet would customized her session with me to be more interesting and easy for me to understand.


There is no barrier or difference between counsellor and "us"


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