Learn about Yellow Ribbon Singapore award-winning recipient's transformative life story that will move you to tears.

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Released in 2013, Kasmawati (Kas) had spent 11.5 years in prison for six times, mainly for drug offences.


Due to her curiosity, Kas’s future was marred and life went downhill. She started taking Cannabis at the age of 15 and progressed to Rochie 5 and ultimately Heroin.  Kas was a ‘regular customer” to Changi Womans’ Prison (CWP).


One of her greatest regrets was losing her late mom while serving her sentence.  This marked the turning point for Kas to stay drug free for the rest of her life!

Since her release, Kas has been attending Support Group regularly and also serves as a facilitator, a Buddy Mentor and team leader with Acorn Quest Pte Ltd, a professional counselling firm.


Kas conducts house visits, delivers food rations, attending to emergency/crisis cases, supporting “ex-addicts” like herself in their rehabilitation journey. In her spare time, she also volunteers at elderly care facilities.

For the last 6 years, she has been living a drug/crime-free life. Kas has been focusing on her own recovery and as well as her family.

A mother of two, Ka is currently working as a therapist for stroke and special needs patients with health solutions firm Synphne to support her family.

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