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Stanley (Stan) has the ability to speak with eloquence and fluency.  He can engage anyone, regardless of age, race, language or religion. A father of one, Stan is currently working as a Sales Executives with Tuas Power.  Since after his release, Stan has been faithfully working as customer acquisition officer for 5 years until late 2017. 

Stan was exposed to drug and witnessed his father taking drugs at a young age.  Due to his curiosity, Stan started experimenting drug at 11 years old and since then he became an expert in concocting drugs. In the past, Stan is hardly home and would place his friends as the priority.  Stan has been to all the prisons in Singapore as a young teen. To Stan, it became a part of his growing years and feeling proud of his ‘achievement”.

Stan was incarcerated for 9 times in prison, 5 times in Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) and 4 times in prison for non-drug offences.   His last incarceration was the heaviest sentence - 7 years and 24 strokes for robbery and possession of drugs. He spent most of his time behind bars.


One of his greatest regrets was not being able to provide the necessary care for his late father or send him off after passing on from illness for his cremation due to his last sentence.


Today, Stan places family as his top priority. After his release, Stan has been proactive in engaging his family on a regular basis.  Stan would ensure he plans for weekly family outing and annual overseas trips with his family. Stan would provide daily supervision to help his son with his educational needs and assist his mother with the household chores.


Stan is currently volunteering with Acorn Quest as a Support Group facilitator, a buddy mentor to ex-offenders and team leader with Acorn Quest Pte Ltd, a professional counselling firm. During his free time, Stan would share his recovery journey with the public through Human Library and other public platforms. 


Stan is firmed, focused and discipline in his recovery journey. He would ensure complacency will not have a place in his heart nor hanging out with his old friends.

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