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          Acorn Quest (AQ) is a young and vibrant private limited company. AQ is a professional counselling company - providing counselling services to everyone. Our heartbeat is to journey with our clients to unearth individual potential, nurture and develop it. While searching for their identity, we seek to restore wholeness, dignity and empower them to be the architect of their life. We are not a VWO or Non-Profit Organization or affiliated to any government organizations.

Our Name

Facts on Acorn Seeds
  • Acorns come from oak tree. There are an estimated 600 species of oak tree around the world and can live up to 200 years old or more.  

  • Oak trees are insect and fungal resistant. They are hardy and useful.

  • Acorns has many health benefits protect our skin due to its astringent properties, boost energy level, regulate protein level in the body to prepare for healing, repair and growth process in our body. 

  • Hence, we envision our clients to become hardy, resilient in life, providing shade to others in time of need and making a difference.


Quest as the word suggest a long or arduous search for something.  In our counselling and therapy work, as we seek, hunt, look, pursue, investigate, explore, probe and inspect the challenges presented to us. We as an organization, seeks to journey along with our clients in their Self-discovery process towards a meaningful and fulfilling life.




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